Monthly Minutes

ELIASC , 2018


Gina C. – Secretary (Filling In)
Nick W. – Men w/Men GSR
James M. – Perpetual Change GSR
Doug D. – Amagansett GSR
Andrew T. – Sagharbor GSR
Charlie – Alt GSR Keeping it Green
Pete – Perpetual Change GSR
Nickie T. – Lit Recovery GSR
Frank G. – Recovery by the Barn GSR
Tom J. – Imagine GSR
Bobby H. – H&I
Mike D. – Men’s Group alt GSR
Danielle A. – New area chair/PI chair
Caroline H. – Treasurer
Walter R. – Life After Drugs GSR
Billy – Rare Road to Recovery GSR
Anthony – Message of Hope GSR

Meeting was opened with serenity prayer

12 traditions ready by:
James M.

12 concepts read by:

Nick W.

Service prayer ready by:

Quorum count of

voting members in Attendance

Motion made to pass last months minutes, made by _James M.____ 2nd by ____Charlie_____. December 2017 minutes passed unanimously

RCM Report:

Open Commitment

Open balance report: $2,735.36

Open region commitments(?)

James M. made a motion to wave policy to nominate Danielle to area chair.
Area vice chair is still an open commitment.

Hospitals & Institutions report:

Chair Bobby H. meets first Sunday of the month.
H&I Workshop Tuesday January 23 6pm-8pm Riverhaed Library, with Pizza!
Detox Commitment should be up and running soon Bobby will meet with quannicut to discuss.

Literature request $143

Public Information:

Chair Danielle
PI in need of support possible youth forum coming up January 17th 5:30pm-8:30pm if you are interested see Danielle more will be revealed.

Events and Activities:

More will be revealed

Meeting List Coordinator:

Clutch, bought $2,000 in new meeting lists. New meeting Recovery by the Barn Thursdays 7:30pm Hampton Bays will be on the next quarterly meeting lists (but is on the mobile app). New meeting in Southampton Wednesday nights is looking to be put on the meeting list will be contacting Clutch.

Policy report:


Web Servant:

Matt K. absent

Literature report:

Group purchases $445, H&I allocations $143. Total literature expense was $652, requesting $600.

Treasurer report:

Group donations $512.50
Literature sales $445
Meeting list was given $185
H&I was given $100 for their learning day
Balance is $543.86.

Andrew made a motion Walter second that $250 go to world and $250 go to region.

Balance is $43.86 on top of $2,000 prudent reserve

Group Reports:

Rare Road to Recovery meets Fridays 7:30pm Center Moriches, rent is paid, $53 donation to area, and on 2/17/18 John Pops will be celebrating 10 years.

Recovery by the Barn meets Thursdays 7:30pm Hampton Bays, rent is paid, $38 literature order, and on 2/22/18 Paulie G. will be celebrating 21 years.

Wish you were here meets Wednesdays 8pm in Aquabouge, rent is paid, $6 literature order, and $1 contribution to area.

Talking on the Topic meets Mondays at 5:30pm and 7pm rent is paid, has open commitments, and on 1/12/18 Tori will be celebrating 5 years.

11th Step Meditation meets Sunday mornings 7:30am, rent is paid, $13 contribution to area, and on 2/11/18 they will be holding their 4 year group anniversary.

Perpetual Change meets Saturdays 7pm, Mondays and Thursdays at 7:30pm in Riverhead, rent is paid, $141.50 literature order, $13.50 contribution to area, on 2/10/18 Jerry will be celebrating 1 year, and on 3/3/18 Louis V. will be celebrating 1 year.

Lit Recovery meets 10pm Saturday nights in Riverhead, is in need of support.

Message of Hope meets Fridays 8:30pm and Sundays 7:30pm, rent is paid, $36 literature order, $85 contribution to area, is in need of support.

Men with the Men, meets Tuesdays 7:30pm in Riverhead, rent is paid, $10.50 literature order, and will be holding its group anniversary 1/30/18 at 6pm followed by meeting at 7:30pm.

Life After Drugs meets Fridays 8pm in Cutchogue, rent is paid, and will be holding its 32 group anniversary 1/26/18 7pm followed by meeting at 8pm.

Keeping it Green meets Monday 7pm in Greenport, rent is paid, $15 contribution to area, format of the meeting has changed they will now be reading from the new tradition book alternating with the living clean book, and on 1/22/18 Nick will be celebrating 1 year.

Imagine meets Mondays and Wednesdays 7:30pm in Westhampton, rent is paid, $11 literature order, $52 contribution to area, and on 2/14/18 Alexis will be celebrating 1 year.

Miracle Women meets Tuesdays 7:30pm in Aquabogue, rent is paid, and on 1/23/18 Pauline will be celebrating 2 years.

Amagansett Living Room meets Tuesday-Sunday in Amagansett, rent is paid, $121 literature order, $280 contribution to area, and on 1/30/2018 Frank will be celebrating 7 years and Feircra will be cerebrating 21 years.

Old Business:

New business was suspended last month for elections.

New Business:

Area will be meeting on the first of July for July area.
September area will meet 9/9/18 due to Labor Day.

Open ELIASC commitments:

RCM – Anthony expressed interest in this commitment
Alternate RCM
Area Vice Chair

Announcements and Anniversaries:

Name of group/town

Time and location
11th Step Meditation
Sundays @8:00 am
Community Baptist Church
4 Year Group Anniversary
Recovery by the Barn
Thursdays @ 7:30pm Hampton Bays Lutheran Church
Paulie G. with 21 years
Keeping it Green
Mondays @ 7:00 pm
Holy Trinity Church
Nick with 1 year
Miracle Women
Tuesdays @ 7:30pm
Old Steeple Church Aquebogue
Pauline with 2 years
Living room
Meeting house lane Amagansett
Frank with 7 years
Feircra with 21 years
Rare road to recovery
Fridays at 7:30 pm
Center Moriches
John Pops with 10 years
Perpetual Change
Mon/Thurs at 7:30, Sat at 7:00
Jerry with 1 year
Westhampton Beach
Mon & Wed 7:30 pm
Alexis with 1 year
Men with the men
Tuesday s at 7:30 pm
Grace Episcopal Church
Group Anniversary 6pm meeting at 7:30pm
Life After Drugs
Friday @ 8:00pm
32 Group Anniversary Dinner at 7pm meetings at 8pm
Talking on the Topic
Sag Harbor
Mon 5:00 pm, Fri 7:00 pm
Methodist Church
Tori with 5 years