Eastern LI Area Service Policy


P.O. Box 245
Jamesport, New York 11947


I. Purpose…………………………………………………………………….…..P. 2
II. Meeting Time and Place…………………………………………………..P. 2
III. Meeting Format (Agenda)………………………………………………..P. 2
IIII. Steering Committee Positions, Qualifications & Duties….P. 2-4
V. Sub-Committees……………………………………………………….……P. 4-6
VI. Voting Procedures (for positions)…………………………….……P. 6
VII. Coting Procedures (for motions)……………………………….…..P. 6-7
VIII. Additional Policy concerning ELIASC Meeting Format……P. 7
IX. Miscellaneous…………………………………………………………………P. 7

​ASC – Area Service Committee
​E & A – Events and Activities
​ELI – Eastern Long Island
​ELIASC – Eastern Long Island Area Service Committee
​ENYR – Eastern New York Region
​GSR – Group Service Representative
​H & I – Hospitals and Institutions
​N.A. – Narcotics Anonymous
​P.I. – Public Information
​P.R. – Public Relations
​RCM – Regional Committee Member
​RR – Roberts Rules of Order
​RSC – Regional Service Committee
​TWG – The Working Guide to Our Service Structure

❖ If any group has a disagreement with this policy or action of a sub-committee the issue should be addressed at that sub- committee before bring it to the attention of the ELIASC
The Eastern Long Area of N.A. is a committee made up of recovering addicts from groups of meetings held within the geographical boundaries starting east of William Floyd Parkway (to include Ridge) to the eastern most tip of Long Island. Its Purpose is to provide services to these groups through the use of committees, sub-committees, and ad-hoc committees responsible to the groups within the area. It is through the ASC (Area Service Committee) that the groups received a sense of unity in providing recovery from active addiction to its members and the public.

The first Sunday of each month from 4:00 P.M to no later than 6:00 P.M. at the Methodist Church on E. Main Street in Riverhead. If there is a holiday on the first Sunday, there should be a discussion and vote taken to change the date. If business is not completed by 6:00 P.M. there should be a vote taken to prolong the meeting or close.
❖ Steering committee should arrive at 3:45 to look over motions.

III. MEETING FORMAT (AGENDA) (P25-25,28-29,30,31-52 RR)
1. Bring meeting to order
2. Pass around sign in sheet
3. Opening with the Serenity Prayer
4. Reading of the service prayer, The Twelve Traditions and The Twelve Concepts
5. Reading of the Minutes of the last ELIASC meeting
6. RCM Reports
7. Sub-committee reports
8. Group Reports
9. Literature Report
10. Old Business
11. New Business – Area Chairperson is to review motions before new business to determine the priority of the motions, if they are urgent and need to be voted on or if they can be put in the minutes and voted on at the next ELIASC meeting
12. Open discussion
13. Treasurers Report
14. Closing Prayer

• All steering committee members should have knowledge of Area Policy.
• No ELIASC Steering Committee Trusted Servant shall service more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same position (TWG p7)
• No person shall hold more than one steering committee position within this Area in this Area and another Area, or this Area and Regional level. A sub-committee does the actual work to implement the ASC directives. The sub-committee normally deals with a single service…and may meet to do the work as needed during the month between meetings (TWG p6)
• No one person can hold a steering committee position in more than one sub-committe at the same time

1. CHAIRPERSON (P48 RR): 3 years clean, 2 years non consecutive service at area level
A. Arrange the agenda of the monthly ASC meeting
B. Should be a signatory on the ELIASC bank account
C. Facilitates the monthly ASC meeting
D. Creates ad-hoc committees as needed for certain tasks and sets a date for completion, if task Is not completed by due date the ad-hoc committee will be reevaluated. (The Chairpersons should refrain from expressing any…)
E. ELIASC Chairperson shall attend all Policy sub-committee meetings

2. VICE-CHAIR (P48 RR): 3 years clean, 2 years non consecutive service at area level
A. Acts as Chairperson at a time of Chairpersons absence
B. Should be signatory on the ELIASC bank account
C. Chairs all GSR workshops
D. Coordinates all subcommittee activities
E. Takes quorum count

3. TREASURER (p49 RR): 2 years clean, 1 year non consecutive service at area level
A. Must have a verifiable income for 1 year
B. Is a signatory on the ELIASC bank account
C. Receives contributions from the groups and literature sales
D. Must deposit all donation and literature sales money within 5 banking days of the ELIASC meeting
E. Pays all bills against the ELIASC funds
F. Reconcile bank statements and keeps an accurate record of all financial transactions
G. Prepares a written monthly report on the financial condition of ELIASC
H. Prepares an annual accounting in writing by February ELIASC meeting
I. 3 people are required to sign for the ELI checking account, 2 needed on checks

4. SECRETARY (P-48 RR): 1 yr clean, 6 months non-consecutive service at area level
​A. Takes clear accurate minutes of the ELIASC meeting and distributes them to all member of the ASC within 1 week of the meeting
​B. Keeps updates attendance record of ASC participants, to include name, title, phone number, home address and/or email address
​C. Handles all mail correspondence from the area post office
​D. Responsible for maintaining the minutes in the archives
​E. May be a signatory on the ELIASC bank account
​F. Take attendance for the purpose of knowing which groups are not present for voting procedures to change policy

5. RCM (p50 RR): 3 yrs clean, 1 yr non-consecutive service at area level
​A. Attends the bi-monthly meeting of the RSC (Regional Service Committee)
​B. Acts as liaison between World and local service
​C. Carries our conscious of ELIASC in all RSC and World affairs
​D. Prepares a written report of RSC activities to include information of our region’s other areas, on the RSC sub-committees, on issues discussed at other levels of service and motions that affect the area
​E. Conduct ELI area CAR workshop in relevant years
​F. May serve on one or more ASC and RSC sub committees, but not as chair (TWG pp6)

6. ALTERNATE RCM (p50 RR): 2 yrs clean, 6 months non-consecutive service at area level
​A. Attend bi-monthly meeting of the RSC
​B. Acts as RCM in all affairs when the RCM is not present

• All sub-committee chairs should have knowledge of Area Police, and their sub-committee policy
• All sub-committee chairs are required to attend ELIASC, Regional meeting of their own sub-committee meetings. When any one of these levels of responsibilities is left unfulfilled three times during one term, the situation will be brought to the attention of the ELIASC and responsibility and any follow-up action will be determined by a vote at the ELIASC meeting
• All sub-committee chairs are required to type or legibly print their reports
• All sub-committee chairs will be reimbursed (within reason) for copies of reports and other needed supplies and expenses upon submission of receipts to the Treasurer
• All sub-committee chairs arrange the agenda for their monthly meetings
• At no time are the sub-committees to hold any events that haven’t been votes in by the ELIASC
• At no time are the sub-committees to hold any monies unless there is a purpose. All expenses are to be disbursed by the ELIASC Treasurer
1. H&I CHAIR (p53 RR): 2 yrs clean, 1 yr non-consecutive service at Area level

A. Works with the panel coordinators to draft all correspondence to facilities served by the sub-committee
B. Required to hold no less than 2 H&I Workshops per year and announce the dates
C. Required to notify ELIASC AND PI sub-committee of any presentation that is requested of them prior to any presentations being made

2. P.I. CHAIR (p53 RR): 2 yrs clean, 6 months non-consecutive service at area level

A. Assists sub-committee members in spreading the message of the availability of recovery in N.A. throughout the public in the area

3. E&A CHAIR (p55 RR): 2 yrs clean, 6 months non-consecutive service at Area level

A. Responsible for recording distribution of the revolving funds of $800.00 (costs & profits)
B. Responsible to oversee that all events and activities are held within the 12 Traditions of N.A.

4. LITERATURE SALES AND DISTRIBUTION COORDINATOR (p54 RR): 1 yr clean, 6 months non-consecutive service at Area level and literature sales level

A. Must have verifiable income for 1 year
B. Arrives at the monthly meeting 1 hour prior to H&I sub-committee meeting
C. Prepares the tables and organizes the literature to be sold
D. Receives and distributes orders from sub-committees
E. Receives orders from GSR’s
F. Distributes literature to groups after the ELIASC meeting
G. Maintains a stock of 2 months worth of inventory
H. Orders literature from NYR in timely fashion
I. Responsible to supply copies of all forms needed by the area to conduct monthly business
J. Responsible to mark up Regional prices by 10%


A. Dispense literature according the Area policy

6. HELPLINE LIASION TO REGION (p55 RR): 1 yr clean, 6 months non-consecutive service at Area level

A. Knowledge of RSC policy
B. Coordinates helpline volunteers in the ELI area

7. POLICY CHAIR: 2 yrs clean, 6 months non-consecutive service at area level

A. Works with an ad-hoc committee to recommend changes to policy
B. Maintains the records of ELI Area archives cabinet in an orderly and updates state
C. Makes sure the steering committee, sub-committees and groups have updated copies of the Area Policy
D. Required to hold meeting of the sub-committee meetings at least once a month but no less than 3 times a year
E. Responsible the clarify any question regarding policy during ELIASC meeting

8. SPEAKER OUTREACH (p55 RR): 1 yr clean

A. Ensures that no group or addict has to go through the process of recovery in N.A. alone
B. Is a liaison between ELI Area and the fellowship world wide in getting speakers for our area as needed
C. Attend ELIASC meeting to hear concerns and get names and numbers of speakers to use throughout the area

9. MEETING LIST COORDINATOR (p56 RR): 1 yr clean

A. Responsible to supply the ELI Area Literature Chair with the designated number of updated meeting lists every 3 months
B. Responsible to ensure the meeting lists are as accurate as possible
C. Responsible to be the contact person for meeting information changes

10. INSURANCE LIASION: 1 yr clean, 6 months non-consecutive service at area level

A. Make sure all groups are insured
B. Add any new groups to the insurance policy at region
C. Make sure the insurance is paid yearly

VOTING PROCEDURES (for positions):
A. Nominations for all ELIASC/Steering committee positions are taken at the end of October and November meetings
B. Nominations for all sub-committee Chairpersons are taken at the October and November meetings
C. Only GSRs, alternate GSRs, sub-committee chairs and Trusted Servants can submit nominations
D. All nominees must be present at ELIASC meeting the be nominated and voted in
E. Voting for all ELIASC and sub-committee positions are done in December
F. All nominees must submit their qualifications prior to voting
G. If there is only one nominee for a position, an election by general consent can be called. If there is no nomination, on the day of voting, nominations can be received “on the floor”
H. The quorum will consist of all GSRs present at the time of the ELIASC meeting
I. All votes will be taken by a show of hands for a majority vote
J. Chairperson votes in case of a tie
K. All members voted in hold their position from January to December
VOTING PROCEDURE (for motions):
A. Motions should be submitted at the beginning of the ELIASC meeting prior to new business
B. Only GSRs, or Alternate GSRs, can make motions
C. Motions are read by Vice-chair, 2 pros and 2 cons are discussed for 2 minutes each
D. Motions off the floor are voted on or tables, at the discretion of the Chairperson, if there are no objections for the next ELIASC meeting
E. All votes will be taken by a show of hands for a majority vote
F. A motion cannot be reconsidered for 3 months after a vote is provided
G. Only GSRs or Alternate GSRs whose GSR is not voting shall have a vote

• A quorum count is taken solely for the purpose of ensuring that all voting members have voted. It is not used to determine how many votes constitute a majority, which is because there may be abstentions. Abstention means that the voting members has no opinion on the subject being voted on and want their vote recorded as such. A quorum means all potential present voting members
• To change policy, 2/3 of the quorum count must be present. The quorum count is the average number of groups present for the last 12 months, and 2/3 of that amount of votes are needed.
• ELIASC Policy may be waived solely for specific situations with a ¾ majority
• Voting on procedural issues shall be by all those required to attend the ELIASC meeting, GSEs, Alt GSRs, Sub-Committee Chairpersons or Vice-Chairpersons and Trusted Servants. A procedural issue is an issue that is limited specifically to how ELIASC conducts its business at the ELIASC meeting and has no bearing on Group, Area, Regional or World level business


1. Roberts Rules of Order are this committee’s procedure except when in conflict with specific ELIA Policy or N.A. Traditions
2. GSRs must raise their hands to be recognized before speaking
3. All groups must have their group reports filled out before the meeting
4. All trusted servants should have a voice at the ELIASC meeting. All others wishing to address the ELIASC must request permission from the Chairperson prior to the start of the meeting

1. All GSRs must have group reports filled out before ELIASC meeting
2. All Addicts must raise their hands to be recognized before speaking
3. All sub-committees are supported by the ELIASC
4. ELIASC will not waive clean time requirements for Treasurer, Literature Coordinator and Sub-committee Chairpersons
5. Our Area is to maintain a PO Box
6. N.A. memorabilia may be auctioned off at events to support our Area
7. 50/50 raffles can not be sold at ELIA events
8. ELI groups are required to inform E&A of their plans for upcoming events to ensure there are no conflicting dates
9. Key Holders
A. Front door – Chairperson and Literature Coordinator
B. Literature cabinet – Chairperson and Literature Coordinator
C. Archives – Chairperson and Secretary